Christmas in my heart 


The frenzied count-down has begun... we're only days away to Christmas!  Is that causing some of you to panic? It's always amazing to me that I can make such good and noble goals of reducing the Christmas chaos - telling myself that this year it will be simple and quiet - that the real meaning of this Season will be the focus for myself and my family.  

But somehow as the date draws near, I seem to find myself amping up in productivity  rather than drawing inward into a time of reflection.  The…

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A couple of summers ago I was camping with my family up at a beautiful isolated lake in British Columbia.  It was a giant lake where the only access to most of it was on long, bumpy (and dusty) logging roads.  We traveled for a good two brain-rattling hours before we were rewarded with a pristine beach in the middle of nowhere.  Now to some of you this might sound terrible, but we happen to like the Wild and will go to great lengths to be out in it.  The weather was simply gorgeous and that night we were…

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Welcome to the world, baby Gabriel 

Here he is, folks, our newest family member.  He is such an incredible blessing and we constantly marvel at this perfect little baby - such a gift from God.  We've rejoined the ranks of parents who never sleep and somehow function during the daytime.  Plenty of coffee and the wild energy of our other rambunctious boys are keeping us going.  Exhausted and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Welcome to my blog! 

Hello everyone!  Can you believe the Month of December is upon us already?  Somehow it completely snuck up on me and I feel caught off guard, wondering where my Fall went.  But maybe that has something to do with the huge life change I've experienced.  In the last few weeks my husband and I welcomed to the world our third son, Gabriel.  He is pure delight and we feel so incredibly blessed.  Check back here and I might be able to get some pictures posted in the near future.

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