Janet Drew 

Pacific Northwest singer and songwriter Janet Drew originally hails from the parched Mojave desert in Southern California where her father was a Test Pilot in the Air Force, a fact which would strongly influence her life in many areas.  Janet’s Grandfather could play almost any instrument he put his hands to, and her musical mother introduced Janet and her sisters to classical music at a very early age -  but her heart was truly captivated by music in relationship to her Faith in God.  In the classic words of Eric Liddell, the “Flying Scotsman”, made famous in the 1924 Olympics, “I feel God’s pleasure when I run”.  Janet in turn feels God’s delight when she sings – a chance to give back to Him the gift He has given to her.  Her voice has often been described as “angelic” , her original songs are honest and disarming while reaching straight to the heart, and the combination of voice, lyrics and beautiful arrangements pack a powerful emotional impact.

Every live performance offers a chance to share the vast, unmeasurable, healing love of God as well as the real-life stories behind her songs. In worship settings, Janet’s heart for intimacy with a healing God brings worshipers to a place of honesty before God and gratitude for his grace, mercy and kindness.

“It’s humbling to hear from people whose hearts and minds have been affected by the songs I write. It feels like I’ve been entrusted to deliver a message to those who are hungry for a glimpse of the greatness of our Father's heart. When I write honestly about my own experiences, I’m able to speak directly to the listener, and they find not only something they can identify with, but a glimmer of hope, truth, beauty and courage for their own lives. Music communicates at a deep level, going beyond words to connect with our spirits. It’s there that God meets us, in this innermost place.”

Drew’s first CD, Boundless, beautifully captures her heart and voice – a compelling combination of forces that move, inspire and challenge listeners with the depth of God’s love and longing for his creation. A rich mix of contemporary worship songs, timeless hymns, and new originals, Boundless spans the range from the intimate “It’s All About You” to the driving, Celtic energy of “Be Thou My Vision”. Acoustic guitar and piano driven arrangements come to life with Celtic and folk inspired percussion, violin, pennywhistle and accordion.

Following Boundless, Janet released the 7-song Christmas EP, Starlight, featuring treasured songs of the season along with two new Christmas originals. Celtic and Appalachian influences weave their way through beautiful songs - from simple to symphonic in style and instrumentation. Piano, guitar, string ensemble, pennywhistle and percussion, along with Janet’s unmistakable voice, kindle the magical anticipation we long for at the holidays.

Drew's third release, This Road, is her most ambitious and personal recording to date. It pairs the instant familiarity of her voice with pop/country, bluegrass and emotive ballad arrangements of thirteen original songs. Lyrical themes range from memoirs of home and family to the hope and struggle of everyday life.

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