1. Wild Country

From the recording Wild Country


Oh my heart, where have you been? You've been so hard to find
You've given in with reluctant consent, to sleepwalk through this life,
On the edge, but coming alive. 
Mountains ahead, but I'm ready to climb...
Wild Country,
Freedom's in the wind
And it's blowing through  me
Wild Country,
Territory unknown 
And there's no place I'd rather be
I'd don't know what lies ahead
But I know I  must begin
Leave behind the noise in my head
And learn to breathe again
On the edge but coming alive
Mountain's ahead and I'm ready to climb
Repeat Chorus
Blinded by the veil of complacency
Rocking my heart to sleep
Now I'm standing on the edge of the Wilderness
I will follow You, where ever You lead...