Christmas in my heart


The frenzied count-down has begun... we're only days away to Christmas!  Is that causing some of you to panic? It's always amazing to me that I can make such good and noble goals of reducing the Christmas chaos - telling myself that this year it will be simple and quiet - that the real meaning of this Season will be the focus for myself and my family.  

But somehow as the date draws near, I seem to find myself amping up in productivity  rather than drawing inward into a time of reflection.  The sense of Sacredness I so crave disappears into the holiday traffic and frenzy in the stores.   Instead of holding my children close and snuggling while we drink cocoa in our jammies and stare at the lights on the tree and talk about a Baby born to set us free, ... lists pass through my head of all the family members left to buy gifts for, the goodies to be baked for the cookie-exchange, the dreaded visit to the post office to be made.  

It wasn't like this when I was a child, but I'm guessing that my mother felt just as stressed and frantic and I feel so sad that I am managing to carry on this undesirable family tradition.  But let me tell you a bit about my Christmas memories from my childhood.  I am blessed to come from a marvelous family- not perfect by any means- but packed full of love and support.  

A few years back as I watched snow falling outside, miraculously just before Christmas (here in the NW that's a rarity), I wave of nostalgia swept me back in time to when I was a little girl. My family wasn't wealthy and Christmas was very carefully budgeted and planned for... but the things I remember have nothing to do with gifts.  I remember spending far too long trying to find the perfect Christmas tree with my sisters. I remember the big huge fireplace with a roaring fire.  I remember my Mom playing Christmas songs on the piano and us girls gathered round and singing with her.  I remember Christmas eve by candlelight while my Dad read from the book of Luke about the birth of Christ.  I remember us 3 girls creeping down the stairs in the middle of the night, trying to catch Santa, until we invariably giggled too much and got caught and sent back to bed.

These memories have nothing to do with decorations, perfect or expensive gifts, school productions, church events, but rather the sweetness of family... a family focused on a Savior who gave us a reason to celebrate.  My song "Christmas in my heart" was birthed out of these memories and I pray that I can pass on to my own children the real meaning of the season and memories that are just as precious.  May you find moments of peace and rest this Holiday season as you build some memories of your own.   

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