Virginia Ruth

Janet Drew
Janet Drew


There was a farmer's daughter who had starry blue eyes

Where the rolling fields of prairie, touched the endless sky

She knew the land she came from, and that a farmer's wife she'd be

Then came a young barnstormer who swept her off her feet


She said goodbye to childhood dreams and said "I'll make your dreams my own

Soaring where the wind blows, your home will be my home"

The wind-swept plains beneath them, they crossed the Kansas sky

Giving wings to farmers' earthbound feet, a dollar fifty ride


When the wind blows in Autumn

And the wild geese fly away

It is then that I'll remember...

There came a day his country called and he left for foreign shores

Flying now for freedom in the horror of the war

A hero's cross pinned to his chest, but an angry wound inside

Secrets that she never told, but the tears came at night


When the wind blows in Autumn 

And the wild geese fly away

It is then that I'll remember...

A tender heart but a spine of steel, full of laughter, full of faith

Her daughter was my mother and their blood runs in my veins

She left us when the corn was high on a sleepy summer's day

Too young to die in the prime of life, like a bird she flew away


And all I have to remember her is this necklace made of glass

This emerald green, my history, and I wear it like a badge.

Sometimes I wonder who I'd be if she hadn't left so soon

Silent plains and empty skies... fare thee well... Virginia Ruth.