Janet Drew
Janet Drew


An honest look in the mirror, there's forgetting who we are

In a moment without make-believe, revealing every line and every scar

Driven by our empty-places, we try and cover up what is

All these efforts fall like ashes, masquerade that turns to dust


Rearrange the chairs on the deck of a ship that's going down

Painting up the walls of a house that's in the middle of a burning town

We're only fooling ourselves.


Some days I cannot see You, some days I hardly hear Your voice

What is this hazy land I've traveled to, me and my unfaithful heart?

In the land of good intentions, surrounded by these hollow smiles

I'm a traitor if I'm broken, wear the mask and close your eyes


This aching that I feel, reminding what is real and what is fleeting

Causing me to see that His desire for me is my freedom


It's a wonder, it's a mystery, how You love me... 

Even now, even now...