Fly Me to the Moon

Janet Drew
Janet Drew


I see five little boys in faded overalls in a picture frame

And they're staring at me and leaning back on an old Model A

And one is my Grandpa.

And my Mama says that you worked real hard and life wasn't easy

But all I see is your fishing poles and the redwood trees

And it looks fun to me.


Tell me the tale, take me where you've been 

And I'll go too in my imagination

When I grow up, gonna be like you

Grandpa fly... fly me to the moon.


We go walking out through the woods, hand in hand

And I hear stories of people you knew and places you've been

That set me dreaming.

Like reaching the stars on a Blackbird's wings and sailing through the sky

Pressing on to your goals through courage and faith and claiming that prize,

Your life is written on mine.

Repeat chorus:


Oh these memories that you've given me will carry me through time

And the measure of a Man of Faith, is in the legacy he leaves behind


Repeat Chorus 2 X